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A brief CV

After graduating from St Anne’s College, Oxford, with a degree in Chemistry I joined Pfizer as a pharmaceutical sales representative. Towards the end of my eleven years with  Pfizer I moved into IT Training. On leaving Pfizer I joined Oxfordshire Mental Healthcare Trust, where I delivered basic IT training to staff within OMHT and the Primary Care Trusts across Oxfordshire. After a couple of years I moved on to European Electronique, a small IT reseller based in Eynsham. I spent four years there, delivering  Microsoft Office training and support. I also learnt to use and deliver training on interactive white boards, FITS (ITIL for schools), Moodle and a number of classroom voting systems.

From European Electronique I joined Corporate Project Solutions (CPS), a consultancy that specialises in Microsoft Project, Project Server, Project Online, SharePoint and CRM solutions. Initially I worked purely as a training consultant but gradually moved into a full consultancy role, managing the whole project lifecycle.

In recent years I have developed more of an interest in the outdoors and the environment. The more I learnt the more interested I became in the problems surrounding the global overpopulation, global warming and the decline in biodiversity. I decided that I wanted to be part of the solution to these problems.

So, in March 2015 I left my job with CPS to explore new opportunities and options.

My plan is to find a role, that best fits my experience and skills, within an organisation that supports research and education into how we can promote a sustainable environment.

To this end I took a course in mapping and GIS early in 2015. In August 2016 I completed a year long, part time, Post Graduate Certificate in Ecological Survey Techniques. Both these courses were delivered by the Oxford University Department of Continuing Education.

During the summer of 2015 I updated my Microsoft Office skills and I am now a Microsoft Office Specialist Master.

To broaden my ecological knowledge I took part in a number of plant surveys.

While working on my Post Graduate course I spent some time as an intern with Earthwatch and working part time with Professor Yadvinder Malhi at the University of Oxford, Environmental Change Institute, doing some data analysis.

In Sept 2016, at the end of my Post Graduate course I felt the need to get out of the house and into a regular job. My grand plan had not come to fruition so I came up with a Plan B and got a job as a retail Sales Assistant with Cotswold Outdoor. It was a zero hour contract at minimum wage. However, it did mean I could take as much time as I wanted to lead walks for HF Holidays, spend time with the Air Cadets and generally do what I wanted. The store benefited because I was able to talk to customers about my travels and I started to develop into an “Authentic Expert”.

After a year with Cotswold I realised that I had not made anywhere as much money as I thought I might. If they had offered me another £10k a year I would have stayed. However, another opportunity arose and I am now a Trainer Assessor with the Commercial Training Division of St John Ambulance. With training being such a big part of my background, and having taken several first aid courses over the years, I have often thought about delivering first aid training as a job, and so here is the opportunity.  As a trainer, it is always great to receive good feedback. How much of a buzz must it be if that feedback is along the lines of a delegate being able to save someone’s life due to the skills I have taught?

I still intend to offer navigational training and help people with outdoor skills, so if you have a question then please drop me a line.