This is what it is all about really. The whole six month sabbatical thing is because I am seeking to change career direction and move into Environment Sciences and Ecology. The goal is to find where my experiences and expertise are a best fit.


Why the move from a well paid IT Consultancy role into environmental sciences?

Well there are several reasons but the main reason is my desire to do something worthwhile with my life.

The world population is growing and we are struggling to feed that population. Global warming only adds further challenges. So many people seem to not care and just bury their heads in the sand. So I want to do my bit to educate as many people as possible and help individuals and organisations take the necessary action to work towards a sustainable environment. In addition I want to find where I can best use my skills. This may be:

  • Planning environmental surveys
  • Conducting the surveys myself or helping others conduct surveys by leading them into wild areas
  • Using my Excel and R skills to analyse the data from surveys
  • Presenting results back to stakeholders