Respect for our countryside – a mini rant

Me and Denise went for a walk around Wittenham Clumps this morning. It was a beautiful sunny day, with hardly a cloud in the sky. Being a Bank Holiday Monday there were lots of other people out enjoying themselves; couples, families, you name it. We saw a variety of plant life and plenty of insects. All in all, very pleasant.

However, there were two things that spoilt our enjoyment our bit.

The first was the now commonplace dog poo bags hanging from trees or scattered on the ground.

What on earth are these people thinking? Or perhaps they are not thinking at all.

You know the rules – if your dog defecates then it is your responsibility to pick it up in a plastic bag and put it in a suitable bin. If you don’t want to do this when you out and about in the countryside then I can understand that, but please, don’t bag it up and leave it; because now you have a plastic bag that will takes years to breakdown, containing a pile of excrement that will gradually get more and more unpleasant. Instead of bagging it and leaving it, how about just moving it out of the way, or encouraging your dog to defecate well off the beaten path.

The second aspect that spoilt the walk this morning were the remains of fires that people had lit around the area. Some of these were obviously fairly recent as they were still smoking. I completely get the attraction of sat round an open fire drinking beer with your mates, especially in a place like Wittenham Clumps that resonates with spiritual energy for some people. But if you are going to have a fire then please:

  • Make sure you are not going to damage any existing trees
  • Make sure the fire is out when you leave
  • Dig a fire pit and replace the soil / turf when you leave – Leave No Trace!
  • Take all of your litter away with you. You were able to carry those beer bottles in when they were full of beer, surely you can carry them out when they are empty – Leave No Trace!

I know that policing both these subjects is nigh on impossible, but I would rather see my money spent on this than some other crackpot council schemes.

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