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Living a few hundred metres away from the back of the John Radcliffe Hospital the sound of sirens is nothing unusual. However, sitting in the office this afternoon there seemed to be a lot of sirens that sounded even closed than usual. I wandered into the bedroom for better look up and down the road and was quite surprised to see a fire engine parked at the bottom of the road with its lights flashing.

Then I noticed another one parked at the base of the tower block, Plowman Tower. Deciding that something must be going on fired the photojournalist in me; I picked up my camera, made sure it had battery power and had a memory card in it, and I headed down the road.

By the time I got there six fire engines were in attendance, along with one big ladder unit and an Incident Support Unit. There was also a Fire Service Warrior 4×4 on scene, so I guess that was the chief, or whatever we call them over here. There was even an appliance with a boat on top. Not sure what use that would have been up the tower block though.


It seems that a resident of the tower block raised the alarm by calling the fire brigade. No alarms were set off apparently, which may explain why some residents were still in the building when the fire service were there.

DSC_6101a (533x800) DSC_6095a (533x800)

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