Microsoft Office Training

Whether you are looking for training for yourself or a team or group, I can assist.

1:1 Training

As an individual, you might have new challenges at work, you may be self employed or you may need to work with various Office packages for your own personal reasons. Whatever the case may be, attending a training course may not be the best answer. Most courses deliver a fixed syllabus. In some cases most of this may not be relevant to your needs. If you need training to help with non work related matters then a training course delivered during a work day may not be appropriate or convenient.

Bespoke material

I am a Microsoft Office Specialist Master and have over 12 years experience of delivering MS Office training, as well as using MS Office myself in a number of roles. I can deliver material that can help you with your tasks. You will be able to work faster, and smarter, confident that you are using the correct tools. Training will be supported by electronic copies of training materials, covering just the topics you ask for.

At a time or place to suit you

Training can be delivered from our very first meeting and can last for an hour, a day, or as long as you want. It can be delivered during the day, in the evening, or at weekends. Training can take place at your work place, at home, or a separate venue (additional costs may apply).

Team / Group Training

For your business, your school or any organisation, I can deliver training courses to meet your needs. Choose from my standard courses or, following a brief consultation, choose some bespoke training to meet the needs of your group. For the standard training, pick one of the courses outlined below. For the bespoke course, select topics from any of the courses and add any of your own that are not shown below.


Excel Word
  • Overview
  • Opening, saving and closing workbooks
  • Entering data
  • Editing data
  • Simple formulas
  • Formatting
  • Charts
  • Printing and sharing
  • Overview
  • Opening, saving and closing files
  • Entering text
  • Editing text
  • Copying and moving text
  • Formatting
  • Headers and Footers
  • Borders and shading
  • Formulas
  • Absolute cell references
  • Named ranges
  • Functions
  • Conditional formatting
  • Sorting and filtering data
  • Review of basics
  • Creating templates
  • Inserting graphics
  • Tables
  • Styles
  • Changing layout using sections
  • Mail merge
  • Custom and advanced filters
  • Sub-totals
  • Nested functions
  • Database functions
  • Data validation
  • Pivot tables
  • Advanced styles
  • Forms
  • Field codes and references
  • Footnotes and endnotes
  • Formulas in tables