Boot Care – A Small Investigation

Disclaimer At the time of writing this I am currently employed by Cotswold Outdoor. However, this post represents my views and findings only. These may differ from official advice and guidelines found on the Cotswold site. Introduction Having worked at Cotswold Outdoor for a couple of months now, I have seen a number of pairs […]


With a day off from Cotswold the plan had been to go for a cycle ride. However, given the heavy rainfall yesterday I thought that a walk might be a better idea. Having got my cadets to look at Otmoor as part of a navigation exercise I thought it might be an idea to investigate […]

Projects and Adventure Training – Exception Plans

What is a Project? There are various definitions of what constitutes a project, but inevitably they are something along the lines of: A piece of work that is designed to deliver one or more products within a particular period of time. When we think about Project Management we often think about large scale engineering projects […]

Local excitement

Living a few hundred metres away from the back of the John Radcliffe Hospital the sound of sirens is nothing unusual. However, sitting in the office this afternoon there seemed to be a lot of sirens that sounded even closed than usual. I wandered into the bedroom for better look up and down the road […]


An Introduction The beginning of the beginning This is the first post of what I hope will become a comprehensive review of Overpopulation and Climate Change. I want to talk about the challenges that we, as humanity, are facing and some of the ways in which we might overcome these challenges. Some high level background […]